Raymond "Ray" Johnson

Cropped image included with student application. Courtesy of Western Regional Archives

Untitled (Seven Black Feet with Eyelashes), by Ray Johnson, 1982–1991, Honolulu Museum of Art


Art/ Design/ Craft




1945 - 1948



Detroit, MI



Long Island, New York

Ray applied to Black Mountain College Summer Art Institute 1945 and stayed on as a full time student.

The Ray Johnson Estate has a great biography and many resources for his artworks.

Courses Taken

Art Institute 1945: Sculpture with Zadkine, Color with Albers, Design with Albers, and Woodworking with Gregory.

Fall 1945: Drawing with Albers, Painting with Albers, Principles of Writing with Merrick.

Summer Art Institute 1946- Color with Albers, Design with Albers, and Painting with Varda.

Fall 1946: Painting with Bolotowsky, Weaving with Mayer, Work Program, and Introductory Chemistry with Hansgirg

Spring 1947: Medieval Culture with Levi, Drawing with Bolotowsky, Philosophy with Dehn, Painting with Bolotowsky, and Introduction to Music with Schlesinger.

Fall 1947: Weaving with Guermonprez, French with Goldowsky, Mathematics with Dehn, Chorus with Schlesinger.

Spring 1948: Design with Albers

Summer 1948: Beethoven with Bodky, Keyboard Music with Bodky, Graphic Design with Ames, and Photography with Newhall

Josef Albers class.Working on the Supine Dome, 1948.

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