Natasha Goldowski

Natasha Goldowski, photographed by Marie Tavroges Stilkind. Courtesy of Western Regional Archives.

Courtesy of Western Regional Archives


Physical Sciences/ Math




1947 - 1953


Moscow, Russia



Guadalajara, Mexico

Natasha Goldowski Renner, was a chemist and expert on the corrosion of metals and had worked on the Manhattan Project. She was a faculty member at BMC from 1947 until 1953.

Dave Peifer wrote a fantastic article for The Journal of Black Mountain College Studies on Goldowski and the scientists of BMC. Western Regional Archive also holds a faculty file for Natasha that lists many major publications, projects and employment in the sciences, and information about courses she taught while at BMC.


Mother: Fellow BMC faculty, Anna Goldowski

Summer Swimming.
Photograph of author


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