Dorothea Rockburne

Courtesy of Western Regional Archives


Art/ Design/ Craft




1950 - 1953



Montreal, Canada


Dorothea Rockburne was a student from fall 1950 to summer 1953. Before BMC she attended Montreal Art Association 1946-1947, 1948-1949.

Dorothea has a live site to features her work and history in the arts - and there is a great biography written by the New York Times about her legacy in the arts.

Alternative Names: Dorothea Williams

Courses Taken

Fall 1950-1950 Course cards: Drawing with Fiore, Painting with Fiore (dropped November 1950), Printing with McCandless, Color with W.P. Jennerjahn, Design with W.P. Jennerjahn.

Spring 1950-1951 Course cards: Color with Jennerjahn, Design with Jennerjahn, Art Seminar with Fiore, Drawing with Fiore, Painting with Jennerjahn.

No cards for Fall 1951-1952

Spring 1951-1952 Course cards: Composition with Fiore (dropped), Color with Fiore (dropped), Design with H. Larsen, Painting tutorial with Larsen. [left half way through the semester but Hazel gave her ½ semester credit]

Name changed to Williams so marriage sometime in 1952

Summer 1953 Course cards: Painting criticism with Vincente, Painting Tutorial with Vincente, and Drawing with Vincente

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